Create & carve your very own jewel down to the last little detail

with one of my workshops in the lost-wax technique.

In my art studio we will sit down together and I will take you through the history

and different processes needed to create your very own special piece.


Please contact me for :

-Individual participants.


-Work events & team building.

-Bachelorette party's.

-Longer duration workshops and courses are available on request.


General information, courses & price Workshops :

-1 day Course: 

During this workshop, the technique and history of the lost-wax will be briefly explained.

Your aim will be to create and carve a small jewel/ sculpture in wax.

With this ancient craft you will explore how wax casting was used to create beautiful jewels in the past

and how this technique is still very much used today by jewellers all around the world.


Should you love your wax creation, it is optional to have it casted into sterling silver (925) by my local caster/silversmith.

This can take anywhere up to 2 to 3 weeks and as soon as the jewel is back from being casted in to

silver, I will further finish it from a rough jewel, polish it and apply your choice of finish in matt, shiny or antique.

You will then be able to admire your new handmade jewel.



The workshop price is 85,- euros per person.

Workshop duration is 4 hours.

Included are the use of the wax and tools.

Half way we will stop for a small break with some drinks and light snacks.


Important information! 

Don't forget the casting process in to precious metal is optional.

So therefore the casting fees and daily price of the silver, depending on the weight and size of the jewel, will be charged

 afterwards to the workshop participants who choose to have their handmade creation casted into sterling silver.


Final note:

If, after this workshop, you should fall in love with using this ancient craftsmanship, 

 you will be able to get started at home and continue experimenting with wax.

Should you want to expand your knowledge on how to complete and finish a casted jewel or experiment some

more in wax, it is possible to book extra workshops to learn these processes.


Should you be interested in taking part in one of my lost wax technique workshops please contact me

via a message on the social media page for further information on dates, times and any other further questions you should have.