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First of all let me welcome you to my website.

I would like to inform you that although I use several techniques whilst making my jewellery, a lot of my jewels are made by an old craft called the lost-wax technique, which has been used since 3000 BC.

In these modern days some prefer to use computerprograms and 3D printers as where I still love to carve the wax models, the old way, by hand.


A selection of my  jewels and curiosities are drawn by hand and then hand carved from wax, a craftsman that is specialized in casting pours the precious metals into its final shape.

I will then polish the piece and embellish it with different materials or stones to create a beautiful finish.


I also have a collection of different antique pocket watches  dating from 1900 which I transform into beautiful pendants. Pendants can be customized on request to your specific wishes. They can contain personal memorabilia from you loved ones and pets, as a special keepsake.


An example of gemstones I like to work with are: opals, garnets & smoky Quartz.

My personal favourite is the opal, especially the Australian opal. I find the colours  captivating and each stone has its own personal beauty.

Therefore I would like to specialize myself in this beautiful opal gem. See my special opal jewellery collection.


Browse through my website and  look at my handmade jewels, Please contact me if there is a piece of interest for prices.

You can also contact me if you want a special piece made for a special occasion.

I will make sketches you can approve of and a price will be determined before crafting is started.