Welcome to my world of my fantasy art & handmade jewellery.

Originally from the South West of England I now reside in the southern part of the Netherlands.

All through my life I have always been inspired to draw and express my creativity.
Staying true to my English roots and my love for nature, history & fantasy, I use this inspiration to create my drawings, portraits, jewellery & sculptures.

In 2018 I started my own jewellery business creating my handmade jewels.
From the beginning of 2021, I decided after drawing all my life that I wanted to expand my creations by adding my artwork to my collection and start my own Etsy shop to showcase my artwork and my handmade jewellery, which I mainly create and carve by hand using the ancient technique of lost wax carving, to the world.
My handmade jewellery & sculptures:
I use various techniques whilst making my jewellery but I mainly like to create my jewels using the old craft of lost wax carving.
Hand carving a master piece of any design in jewellers wax and then having it casted into a precious metal of choice.
With my love for antique jewellery I use the influences of the Renaissance, Georgian & Victorian times to create my jewels & sculptures.

My artwork & illustrations:
Using fantasy influences to create most of my illustrations I mainly work and sketch with graphite pencils. My latest endeavour has been creating digital & photo art with my children being my biggest inspiration for new fantasy creations & ideas.
All my artwork is available as art prints.