From my childhood, my father, a self-taught artist, encouraged me to be creative and draw.

He taught me how to draw something in the finest detail. This has led me to let go of my creative mind. It wasn't always easy, if I would draw something that wasn’t accurate it would be communicated back directly and I had to do it again. 

Over the years, I developed my own style and need to express myself, this can now be seen in my jewellery. My inspiration is very wide, from Renaissance, Victorian, Fantasy  to the just quirky and strange.

As an English family the move to the Netherlands in 1994, when I was 11 years old, was initially very difficult. Nobody spoke Dutch and we went from a nice home in England surrounded by lots of family to a small village called Nuth where we knew nobody.


My father was busy writing a book at the time and my mother was busy trying to get us settled in with the Dutch lifestyle. This gave me and my brother the opportunity to wander through the hills of South Limburg and Explore.
Never forgetting my childhood in England which formed me as a person and which is a large influence on my art today.


Now 20+ years later I am married to a lovely husband who has supported me the most and who has been my main drive to become a goldsmith and make my own jewellery.
We also have two beautiful daughters Sienna-Dawn and Savannah, who I hope one day want to make jewellery and art together with me too.


Since I have chosen to become a goldsmith, a new chapter has been opened up in my life. After graduating at Syntra Limburg in 2017 my Exam piece (The Bejewelled book of Curiosities)  along with a few other candidates Exam pieces were nominated for the ' Jewelry Awards  Antwerp' competing for the title best design-and Best Craftmanship.

Where I'm proud to say I was the runner up and received 2nd place for Best Craftmanship.

My exam piece amongst others will be further exhibited to the general public in Diamondland Antwerp and in Brussels for a while.


During the summer of 2017 I went with my family to Florence, Italy. Where I followed a course for a month with the renowned master Goldsmith and sculptor Alessandro Dari.
An artist who is specialized in the old lost wax  technique amongst other mastery and whose workshop now has the recognition of "museum workshop" (Museo Bottega) from the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage in Rome, one of only six in all of Italy to receive this recognition.
At Alessandro's school I learnt how to refine my  technique and how to utilize my tools the best way possible to create beautiful jewels in wax.
It was an absolutely amazing experience and something I will definitely use in my future Jewellery pieces to come.  

Since then I have been back on more then one occassion to learn from Alessandro Dari.

Florence is now a place where I can honestly say feels like a second home and I will be back there often to learn from the masters.


What the future brings is unknown, but I am sure that with all my inspiration and creativity I will be able to make unique and special jewellery for everyone who desires.