My Florence handmade jewels were made & inspired from my time which I spent in  Florence, Italy. There at the "Alessandro Dari" School I spent my time learning and perfecting my skills in the lost wax technique, Taught by the Master Jeweller, sculptor Alessandro Dari Himself. A place I consider a second home for my art & jewels... 

Dracul & Canis Lupis

Dracul & Canis Lupis is a solid sterling silver Mini Sculpture.

My take on Bram Stokers "Dracula".

This Heavy 130 gram solid sculpture can been worn as a pendant or mounted as curiosity for decoration.

It can also be adapted as a belt buckle. 

Size 8.5x5.5x2.5cm 

Please contact me for the price


Solid silver Spiral Pendant. 

A exercise piece transformed into a beautiful jewel.

This heavy 66 gram piece can be used as a pendant, Scarf jewel or as a curiosity.

Size 7x1.5cm 

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Gothic church window pendants

Sterling silver pendant set with a stone of your choosing. 

Choose from: garnet, tourmaline, Australian black opal, Welo opal, smoky quartz, semi black opal & red mosaic opal. 

Size 3x2.5x0.5cm

Please contact me for the price, price can vary depending on the gemstone.

lion coral ring

Solid sterling silver ring made in Florence in Florentine style.

A lions head and tail emerging from coral. This unisex special ring is available in limited sizes only.

104 grams of sterling silver

Please contact me for the price

Scarabaeus necklace

The Scarab beetle "Khepri" is one of the pieces I worked on whilst in Florence and has been made into a lovely Sterling silver necklace.

Size 3x4x1.5cm & 31 grams of sterling silver.

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