My handmade lockets are made from antique pocket watches.  As well as a available collection for purchase They can also be custom made to your wishes and filled with all your favourite keepsakes, be it from a loved one, pet or what ever you desire to keep with you always.

*New*  My handmade locket collection is now available to purchase at Clio jewelry in Maastricht

CLIO Jewelry
" With a keen eye for craftsmanship and authenticity, the people of Clio have been sharing their passion for high-end jewelry for more the 30 years "
St.Amorsplein 11,
6211 GT,  Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Handmade locket collection

"All seeing Eye, Moonphases, Sacred Hearts" and many more..♡

Antique Silver & Silver guilded pocket watch cases, transformed into locket keepsakes.

Come down to Clio jewelry in Maastricht to find your favourite keepsake.